All About Severe Constipation

Published: 20th June 2011
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Severe constipation is caused by a hard stool which will not pass through the rectum, or you have an impacted stool. Both of these conditions are miserable, and you want to find relief fast!

When you have severe constipation, you are either suffering from fecal impaction, or you cannot pass stools or gas (which is termed "obstipation"). To find fast constipation relief, I've put together these two tips.

Severe Constipation from Fecal Impaction

If you have a "fecal impaction" you have a hard, immobile stool in your rectum area. The symptoms of this include chronic constipation, overflow diarrhea, necrosis and ulcers in the rectal area. Other symptoms include pain and bloating in the abdominal area. You might lose your appetite as well.

Don't let the cause of the problem go unresolved. Once you have had one fecal impaction, you are at higher risk for having another. Preventative treatment is highly recommended.

Here are the usual ways to treat severe constipation quickly:

A) Oral laxatives to soften the impaction and make it easier to pass;

B) Enemas or suppositories. These work quickly, which does not allow much time for the mass to soften.

C) Removing it manually.

D) Surgery.

The Cause of Severe Constipation

A) Lack of physical activity

B) Not enough fiber in your diet;

C) Not drinking enough water;

D) Prescription medications, especially pain relievers.

Self-Help For Severe Constipation

Below are two different enemas you can perform to relieve constipation. Always review these with your health care provider before doing them.

Gather your basic supplies: enema bag, lubricant, waterproof pad.

Enema Using Mineral Oil

Fleet mineral oil can be found at your local drugstore. This type of enema softens the stool and lubricates your colon. To do this, squeeze the enema bag quickly with lots of pressure to force the liquid higher up.

The general instructions below should help you with this process.

Powdered Milk with Molasses Enema

This enema recipe can be done four times a day and is very good way to treat severe constipation. You can do this in conjunction with a mineral oil enema, just wait at least one hour before doing the Milk and Molasses enema.

To make up the enema you will need the following:

6 ounces hot water

3 ounces powdered milk (do not use cow milk)

4.5 ounces molasses

Mix together in a container the hot water, molassas and powdered milk.

Put the mixture into your enema bottle and perform the enema.

Taking enemas can dehydrate you. Drink twice as much water as usual for the next 24 hours to ensure that you are staying hydrated. Add some fiber into your diet (at least 25 grams per day), drink at least 2 quarts of water a day, and you will have beat your severe constipation for good.

Study more about severe constipation at my website. There you will find more articles dealing with constipation help, chronic constipation, and tips and recipes you can use to help with this unpleasant condition.

Allison Steele writes on a variety of health and wellness topics.

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